Initio’s Approach

We view every project, big or small, as part of a long-term partnership and take the time to understand your business and its priorities so we can provide the best value today, and in the future.

There are a large number of organisations that are making the transition from ageing technology, proprietary or even manual systems that require assistance in analysing their requirements to achieve satisfactory business outcomes.

As consultants, we approach each client with a view to assist management and key personnel understand how current information technology trends can help drive business outcomes, resolve issues that are important to that particular organisation and enable and empower their employees.


The outcome of these discussions enables us to prepare and present a draft system design or proposal for consideration and agreement before proceeding to the market for quotations. Integral to these discussions are a number of important processes that take place.

Firstly, that management knows and understands the areas of functionality that are being requested in the system design.

Secondly, that the organisation commences thinking of Information Technology as part of its strategy in addressing issues for the future.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, that the organisation acknowledges that there has to be a commitment of resources from within the organisation rather than leaving itself at the mercy of outside forces.

Once the system design document is finalised, we discuss and agree on a selected list of vendors that will be asked to respond with quotations. This list is obviously dependent on the organisation’s decision regarding the style of solution required. We will advise on the different types of contracts available and their merits.

Following the release of the system design we assist the organisation to evaluate responses and prepare, if required, a report outlining our opinions on the suitability of the vendor and its particular technical response. We will attend presentations with the selected short listed respondents and assist in the final decision making process. We are also available to assist in the contract negotiations with the chosen supplier in areas such as method of payment (ie. agreement to sign off milestones within the project, functional acceptance testing, retention clauses etc.) ongoing support structures, project planning and reporting.

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