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Whether you’re transitioning from older technology, upgrading your current technology, or rolling out brand new IT initiatives, designing the system and selecting the right service provider and technology can be a real challenge. But, it is also the difference between achieving your objective or losing your investment. This is where Initio’s consulting services can help.

Understanding your business requirements:

Our first step is to take the time to fully understand your business and its objectives. We then apply our knowledge of current IT trends and solutions, to analyse the most cost-effective and long-term options for your organisation.

Designing the right system:

We then prepare a draft system design to meet these objectives in consultation with your team. At this stage of the process, we have identified three key commitments for the project to succeed:

  1. Management needs to fully understand the functionality requested in the system design
  2. IT needs to be embraced as an important part of the company’s business strategy
  3. Sufficient internal resources must be committed to delivering the project to completion


Selecting the right vendor

Once the system design document is finalised, we discuss and agree on a selected list of suitable vendors that will be asked to respond with quotations. Initio assists in the evaluation of responses and makes recommendations as to their suitability.

Delivering the project:

Initio can assist in contract negotiations with the chosen supplier in terms of payment structure and processes such as sign off milestones within the project, functional acceptance testing, retention clauses, ongoing support structures, project planning, reporting and more.

Initio’s consulting services are designed to deliver measurable business outcomes.

Initio is capable of assisting clients in the creation of Tender documents when going through the upgrading of their technology platform. As an independent organisation we are able to utilise our knowledge of IT and prepare documentation that accurately reflects the client’s needs without a bias towards any particular solution or supplier. In addition we also provide the necessary skills to vet responses for technical correctness and work with the client (if required) to negotiate final commercial agreements.

Due to Initio’s unique position in the IT market we are often requested to assist in the creation of a strategic IT plan to address the business requirements as defined within the client’s 3 or 5 year business plan. Development of a strategic plan allows the IT group to gain consensus with the business units on the development of new or additional functionality in a controlled fashion. Thus minimising the potential impact on pre-existing business systems and delivering a consistently improving technology service.

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