Initio’s Values :

Our Values are intrinsic to our company’s culture and in the way we work together and interact with our customers.

  • To delight our customers and encourage repeat business
  • Always working within the rules, regulations and boundaries governed by the client’s organisation
  • To value each person and treat them with respect
  • To accept each individual for who they are
  • To respect and accepts each other’s differences and cultural backgrounds
  • To be transparent
  • To have a measured and realistic approach in dealing with employees and clients (in a positive manner) to achieve the right outcomes
  • To have an attitude of excellence in everything we do
  • To challenge and report unacceptable behaviour towards others
  • To be involved and treat employees and clients with a ONE team approach
  • To be an active participant in the team, to be team focused, even when working individually
  • To be willing to assist other employees for the greater good of the team and the organisation
  • Always work to the highest ethical standards
  • To do what we say we will do, both internally and with clients
  • To be honest and transparent in dealings with employees and clients
  • Achievement/Accountability/Adaptability
  • Passion/Motivation
  • Professional and Self-Development

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