Tailored training, documentation and support
To help your staff get the most out of your business IT solutions, Initio offers highly tailored training courses for a wide range of software applications and system management. These courses are customised to suit the particular requirements of your organisation.
For example, Initio can train your staff on fast and efficient creation of complex documents to help your company achieve more from your word processing and spreadsheet programs. By teaching staff how to use macros and templates we can improve speed, accuracy and constancy of documentation across the business. With increasing integration between word processing systems and documents, Initio can streamline this process with training on elements such as naming conventions, document storage and metadata.
Initio takes the following approach to tailored training:

  • Customised training manual – documentation includes screen shots directly from your systems
  • Real exercises – examples and training use documents, templates and tools as used in your organisation
  • Small classes – we limit groups to six people to ensure personal attention
  • Relevant skills – classes are designed to focus only on features important for the group’s role or department
  • Follow up and support – after the introductory course, we support trainees onsite as they use the system. After three to four weeks, we follow up with an advanced course.
  • Flexibility – we understand the need to work around your business demands and can structure training times and durations to suit your organisation

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