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When you initiate your IT project with Initio, you receive more than just quality independent IT advice. You get consultants who think creatively about the best solution for you, technical engineers who understand your business objectives, and project managers who have a track record of delivering results.

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 You work with a team of industry professionals.

Initio was formed in Sydney in 1990 by Fiona McDougall, the Managing Director and senior Program Manager. Since then, the company has enjoyed steady organic growth thanks to its many long-term relationships with major corporates.

Initio has taken its specialised IT skills into a broad range of industries including finance and banking, legal, aviation, IT, telecommunications, insurance and government.

Initio has always believed in remaining completely independent. While we work with all the major suppliers in the industry, we are not associated with any other companies, do not resell third-party products and do not receive commissions for any products or services we recommend. We believe this is the only way to ensure that any advice it truly independent and unbiased.

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