For any large company, the immediate financial consequences alone of a major disruption to business operations could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. When you add the long-term consequences of losing customers to competitors and negative public relations, fast and effective disaster recovery and business continuity planning is critical.

Business continuity and disaster recovery is the ability to rapidly resume all business-critical functions and recover valuable data in the face of an event such as fire, flood, power surges, viruses, equipment breakage or any event that threatens the running of your business.

From identifying and prioritising all your business-critical systems – email, software applications, accounting systems etc – to setting up off-site restoration facilities and road-testing a recovery plan, Initio offers an end-to-end service. We have developed procedures for documenting a network that provide a systematic description of the hardware items and the software processes. This is critical for maintenance, disaster recovery and day-to-day running of the system.

This documentation details all operational aspects of a system so that the administrator has a clear overview of the system and requirements such as administrator replacement, site audits and general operations methodology and development can be conveniently performed.

With its team of highly experienced professionals, Initio can assist your organisation in establishing a Business continuity and disaster recovery plan utilising our expertise in documenting key systems and processes.

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