A message from Ken Clarke, Initio Director

Well here we are the 25th September 2020 and the official 30th anniversary of the birth of Initio. 

What a journey it has been going from contract work charged by the hour to managing massive project for up to three years in duration. 

We have seen the team grow and shrink and grow again over the years and have clients that have been with us almost for the entire journey. 

We have watched an industry grow exponentially year on year and then witnessed the incredible devaluation of technology hardware pricing over the last decade. 

But one thing has remained constant and that is the need for quality project management, clever and efficient developers and top end engineering services. That is what we do and we do it at the highest level possible. Former staff members have gone onto senior positions in many companies 

I am proud to have been associated with Initio over the last 25 years as a director of the company and am constantly amazed at the breadth of knowledge and skills of our team. Not the least being our Founder Fiona McDougall who started the company as a Wang WP specialist and moved effortlessly into the world of Novell, Microsoft, Citrix, IBM, Compaq, Acer and many other suppliers over the years. 

We started with a client base of law firms and transitioned into the corporate world of banks, insurance companies, universities and airports. We now deal with national and international companies on a daily basis and we thank them for the confidence that they have shown in hiring Initio. 

Today we deal in Cloud, Big Data, seamless remote connectivity, Cyber Security and many other relatively new technologies.  

Of course we couldn’t post this from a desk in our office as we haven’t seen it since march with the onset of Covid19 but we are still able to work from home and we all meet via Teams or zoom to discuss things. The upside is no travelling to and from the city, the downside is noticing the lawn needs to be mowed more often.  

So today we will all meet on Teams and have a virtual celebration of the achievements of Initio and its Team. We don’t know what the future will bring but we do know that we are well prepared to manage it and deliver success on behalf of our clients.